ZEDSPORT is designed as the platform of choice for sporting organisations to manage their clubs through a single pane of glass. Whether it be collecting player registrations, organising events, managing ecommerce (payments, online stores and ticketing) and interacting with members through social media, a great deal of information is collected about your organisation.

Clubs can create value and opportunity from their membership data by using ZEDSPORT's comprehensive reporting engine. This enables club administrators to design sophisticated live reports and charts that transform large collections of data about the membership base into actionable reports that help organisations grow.

Traditional sports management software either provide a number of pre-defined reports or require the original software developer to customise the application to provide those required by the organisation.

ZEDSPORT's comprehensive reporting engine allows non-programmers with minimal training to build and customise reports to suit their objectives. Charts summarising critical information about the organisation can be placed on the administrator's login dashboard to get real-time instant insights into the status of key organisational metrics.