Increasingly, sporting organisations of all types are required to have sport-specific registrations, insurance and background checks. This usually comes with a heavy cost in time and effort to sports administrators responsible for managing a large body of members and officials with different requirements.

Because of the complexity and time consuming nature of managing compliance, insurance and accreditations, many organisations leave themselves exposed to increased risk of legal and financial penalty in the event of an incident.

ZEDSPORT aims to make the pain of managing compliance, insurance and accreditation a distant memory through a straightforward approach that empowers administrators to define the type of insurance, compliance accreditation and any parameters associated with it - such as when it was verified or when it expires.

Members and officials of any category are notified when their accreditation is due to expire and provides organisation definable instructions on what they need to do in order to renew it.

Being a fully extensible platform, ZEDSPORT enables software developers to build connectors that can perform live verifications of insurance, registration or compliance practices making the process fully automated.